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Competitive Training Program
(For Group Training)


Kids above the age of 9 with no prior experience are taught the basics of the sport and gradually progress on to competitive sports shooting with the best possible support system. Our young athletes have achieved phenomenal success at the international level in the recent years. The Grassroot program is mentored by recognized ISSF Certified coaches.


Private Coaching
(For Individuals)

Students who want to pursue sports shooting can opt for private coaching from certified coaches.
A separate training regime will be developed for such individuals, making sure that their academics are unhindered during their shooting career. Apurvi Chandela is ranked World No. 1 and Meghana Sajjanar, World No. 15 in her debut year. Tejas K has finished ahead of Mathew Emmons of USA (Double Olympic Champion) in 2019. Such High Quality Performance can be delivered through this program.


Recreational Shooting
(For First Timers)


First timers of any age can pick up shooting by becoming members of the academy and enjoy shooting at a convenient time, Shooting can be a great stress buster. Sessions can be booked through Book My Show or walk-in based on availability.


Sports Psychology Services

Prevention is better than cure and no one understands it better than a sportsperson. Mental health can affect the performance of a sports person by more than 50%. Elite Shooting Academy helps in developing the mental skills of students of all sports to make them stress free and to improve their potential by providing Sports Psychology services to them from qualified sports psychologists.


In-School Program
(We Set Up Range/Academy At Your School)


For schools who want to promote shooting as a recreational/sports activity as per curriculum, we provide quality coaching and training to such students in the facility set up at their respective school campuses. It helps the kids build focus, concentration, discipline and to find talent and nurture them to bring laurels to their school and India.

After-School Program


Students opting for shooting as an elective shall come to the academy’s facility to train in sports shooting after school hours. The school will provide transportation facilities and we will be responsible for introducing the sport and coaching the students in the same in a safe environment. Keeping safety as the first priority.


Private Range Consulting

For Schools and Individuals wanting to motivate students or themselves to pursue shooting, we help them set up world class private range in the school premises/homes. We also help in sourcing the necessary equipment required for sport shooting.


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